WhatsApp, they finally decided to do it: your life at work will improve a lot. Millions of workers thank you

Two new WhatsApp features capable of improving workers’ quality of life (web) –

WhatsApp never ceases to amaze everyone, or rather, the developers of the platform do so thanks to constant updates.

And beyond those who have already arrived within stable version, There are still a lot of them traveling in the release beta And they are going Exam. Next, there are some that will improve the using experience platform in dress a job. And those are exactly what we want to talk to you about, but we have to start at the beginning.

L’an agency He was always close Need she has users. Precisely for this reason, he puts them in the first place Privacy And theirs safety. We can’t forget encryption End to end thanks to which no one, except for the interlocutors, will be able to read talks And he wouldn’t be able to see me, much less content Media exchanged.

Plus, she’s also very careful about what you do with it users Requires. Just think about accompanying status Thanks to him, you can only connect to one account on different devices. But also a newcomer Careers which allows for modify Monthssdays within the first 15 minutes of being sent. Both were in great demand.

Now, however, the developers They left everyone speechless, even Workers. And that’s because they thought of some Careers That’s crazy They will get better there Quality who are they life a job. Let’s see them together and understand how to use them. We are sure that you will fall in love with it too.

WhatsApp: Two amazing features that will change the lives of many workers.

there The first news It comes to me Usernames. Yes, because everyone will be able to have a username to display instead of their phone number. Therefore, if anyone would like to add you or if you would like to Add a person To you chats But you don’t know number Over the phone, you can do that thanks Names user.

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Two new WhatsApp features capable of improving workers’ quality of life (web) –

But she is there The second grandmother We are eager to tell you more about it. Well, yeah, because this is the closest a job has come to her Need For everyone Workers. Let’s talk about possibility sharing affiliate a screen. A bit like what happens on other platforms like Meet and Zoom, for example.

This feature will be included video calls. In fact, during the video call you can decide to share your call a screen or just one document or apicture. However, to get both of them, we still have to wait a bit because they are still in the pipeline Exam, inside ver beta. And then, once it’s released to everyone, it’ll only be users android to be able to use it.

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