Whatsapp, the very legal and simple trick to spy on other people’s address books

There is a legal trick for WhatsApp which is very easy to use. Have you ever wanted to spy on your contacts address book? Finally, it is possible, directly within the application.

The WhatsApp It is the world’s first messaging platform. A success that has been built over the years and a success that the company wants to maintain. how? With custom updates and possible fixes Bugs or bugs reported by users or developers.

WhatsApp, there is a trick you should know –

The stated goal of the Zuckerberg giant is actually to be able to satisfy needs and requests in every possible way of those who are already using the app. Precisely in this regard, there are several updates at stake that are being tested and that could already see the light of day in the coming weeks. But it’s also good to know the tricksSome of them are already inside the app itself and you may not know it yet.

WhatsApp, here’s the trick for spying on other people’s address books

Which he didn’t want at least once “Spy” in other users’ address book? Not so much to read other people’s numbers, but to see how you are saved in the address book. Perhaps if it is your boyfriend or girlfriend or a certain friend, but also relatives and colleagues. on The WhatsAppthere Convenient trick And quick to do so.

WhatsApp –

And we don’t talk about it special tools recently introduced or from Third party applications Which must be downloaded, used and possibly also paid for. All you have to do is use the oldest vehicle in the world, which everyone has: Your voice. Or rather, your fingers. The trick involved is actually to ask the person whose address book you want to spy on to send your contact.

If he asks why, you can respond by saying you want to check How does your phone number appear?. But in fact, the real motive is not that. When a person shares a contact, it appears in WhatsApp With the name saved in the address book. So by sending you, you will know in seconds how the other person saved you.

simple magician, Simple to apply and effective. You will not be violated in any way Privacy laws Or encounter problems of various kinds. It will all be out in the open, and you may have the answers you’ve been looking for. If you’re curious, we suggest you try: It almost always works!

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