WhatsApp – The “society” revolution has arrived and satisfies everyone, the great achievement

There is a lot of talk about the Whatsapp novelty represented by the community: but what it is, how it works and why it is important to know more

Potentially revolutionary from the point of view of communication and correct use, what are Whatsapp communities and how do they work.

whatsapp community
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It is one of the innovative aspects Of the greatest expectations and of particular interest, the whatsapp community, A topic that has been discussed for some time now. This happens because it is a file ads Particularly, with the ability to transform, probably, in a greater way upon the way To communicate.

At least compared to the minor news, the numerous updates related to the instant messaging application are important but less impactful from this point of view.

This meaning was announced in mid-April by Zuckerberg himself, and the arrival of this novelty is just that android how much internal control Department Beside The WhatsApp web And the desktop computers, It cannot but arouse the curiosity of many.

What are WhatsApp communities and how do they work

the topic The WhatsApp It is full of ideas and topics that fascinate and arouse interest, especially from the point of view of daily use made simpler and more comfortable by the innovations that come from time to time.

Think of this meaning from one in particular Save time and solve problems Search, a useful tool in everyday life: here are all the details. And again, on this topic, what is there to knowLast viewed Whatsapp On the topic of privacy: how to remove it, the trick that not everyone knows to hide.

But back to the point, when it comes to Whatsapp communityindicates a type of super group, Because they surround themselves up fifty groups. Each group has max users, 1024.

a social communication Alternatively, you can reach five thousand.

Each group entered into a community is open to every participant of the same group, and it is the user who decides which group to join. In this sense, Whatsapp has informed that in the future there will also be availability of closed groups.

Groups are managed thanks Officials from the community. The latter has the right to merge them or manage them separately. However, they have a ways forward When messages are sent to one or more groups. Just like they do advertisements Public which is read by each member of all groups.

operations that take place through Signboard From the community, it is a space for administrators. It is necessary to dwell on one aspect, that each member can reply to messages or send new messages. This is within the groups one belongs to.

However, messages sent to everyone cannot be answered by administrators. In a sense, the latter can be considered a kind of ads from above.

How to create a Whatsapp community, what is it for and why is it important to know how it works

Create, use and manage Whatsapp community A lot can go through Request How much of the web across browsers. In order to create a society it is necessary to determine code The one at the top left, with these stylized people.

Once opened, there will be the new interface for Create, And the user will have to login First Name And the a description From the same thing, and even one Photo to get to know him. Having reached this point, we come to the entry of the file groups, Or create new contacts by adding contacts.

After that, there is also a later way to proceed When sending other members via link. After listing the groups and/or each member who wants to participate in the community, there is a way to assign some Administrator role.

It has already been mentioned Ability In some ways, too social revolutionary, in the field of communication. And this, as in the case of new technological tools that can have both negative and positive impact. Obviously, a lot depends out of use What are you going to do with it and more by whom will run and how it will be managed.

For WhatsApp, the use of the community will be linked to the management of contact with a large number of subjects at the same time. This is, however, in the absence of confusion which might arise in respect of only one very large group.

Communication fragmentationby specific interests for example, it can also be a reasonable factor in relation to companies and organizations.

Community and school: Whatsapp example

Example of use and employment social communication It was done correctly The WhatsApp, And commit to a world The school.

An organization (community) with different classes (individual groups) and the need to send communications to specific groups or to a larger number of groups at the same time.

Assuming the school is closed due to snow, for example, around the educational institution there will be a part of secretarial message to Signboard, per group. If the teacher is absent due to illness, it is enough just to send him a message groups (classes) included, i.e. the place where the teacher would have had a lesson.

Society and cinema, another example

Another hypothesis about the use of the function can concern Cinema. That is, those who create community within the groups you focus on Movie types. Everyone has a way of deciding whether to go ahead with the sci-fi blockbuster, still-comedies, action movies and so on.

For one group only or for a larger number of groups. Those who deal with cinema management will be able to give their part Communication for everyone For example regarding offers or news of interest to everyone. Think of business hours for example.

At the same time, they will be able to send communications only to fans of Marvel films, for example, announcing that the latest movie is being programmed.

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