WhatsApp, the latest update risks blocking everything: how to solve

The latest WhatsApp update threatens to block the app. Let’s see how to solve the problem due to the latest update.

New app update crashes (via screenshot)

in the last days WhatsApp beta Released a few Updates: : Release for Android and that for iOS. However, both updates seem to be causing problems for the app. In fact, many Apple users reported an error blocks instantly Services. While for Andorid users, the error mainly occurs for those who own it Android 12Thus preventing normal operation.

Fortunately, the solution to the problem is very simple. In fact, for Apple, it will be necessary to perform the following steps: TestFlight > Select WhatsApp Messenger (or WhatsApp Business) > Previous Versions > Install a previous beta version. To maintain chats, users have to do an extension Backup before update. Whereas instead for Android it would be simply necessary Manually delete the application And install the previous version with APK Mirror.

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WhatsApp, a highly-anticipated feature is coming: What is changing

The WhatsApp
Latest update of the messaging app (web source)

The WhatsApp It is definitely the most popular messaging app in the world. Actually they are More than 2 billion users Active in service dead. Soon, a new update will revolutionize the app and allow users to do more customization. I’m coming to WhatsApp personalized stickers. In fact, until now, the “stickers” that would be used in the chat had to be created through the use of other applications, but soon The job will become internal.

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This means that users will soon be able to Create and edit stickers Within the application itself. You can then add another writing or sticker so that the image or file is cut out emoji. Thus, the application enhances its leadership position within the social giant dead. At the moment the update is only available for web version. But soon Meta will also add it to Smartphone iOS e Android.

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