WhatsApp, the alarm goes off: Avoid replying to this dangerous message!

A new alarm is triggered for all WhatsApp users. Indeed, accounts will have to avoid responding to this dangerous message: details.

There are always many fraud risks within WhatsApp. Now another message has appeared regarding an alleged €500 voucher. So let’s go and see what happens and how to defend yourself from the new danger.

The WhatsApp
Latest dangerous message in the messaging app (via screenshot)

Confidence on the Internet is practically impossible, and yet there are still many naive users. These are always in the sights of hackers, ready for it Theft of money and sensitive data. Moreover, these scams often spread instantly The WhatsApp. In fact, Meta messaging app is often a way to spread scams and chain messages with links inside that are nothing short of suspicious. They succeed in spreading news whose definition is very little false.

This is exactly the case of the scam being run on the messaging service. In fact, more precisely, the text predicts that the pointers follow through Link Under it it will be possible to seize 500 EUR voucher by Esselunga. This is clearly not true at all. In the recent past, the supermarket chain had to deny this news. Indeed, Esselunga has repeatedly specified that in the case of coupons or promotions, there will be communications on its official channels. We invite everyone to Ignore this message or inform the relevant authorities.

WhatsApp, a new update dedicated to security: what is changing

The WhatsApp
Meta messaging (Photo Pixabay) app logo

When it comes to the network, one of the most controversial topics is always the one related to safety. In recent weeks, the company remembered that it had been introduced for some time Encrypted messages and backups. twist on Improved two-factor authentication. The first details of this work appeared in the latest versions of the messaging application for Android. Basically talking about it Trying to register a new device on WhatsApp With a phone number already associated with an account, users will be prompted for a new number Verification code.

So we will have a new code in addition to what is already needed to confirm your code Phone number by SMS. In this way, we try to make life more difficult for the bad guys who are trying to take over the profiles The WhatsApp From unsuspecting users who were able to tell them the verification code. In the near future, more details will come from the previous beta test. So there is no way at the moment Try this useful security featureNot even by installing the latest versions of the app.

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