WhatsApp, some super functions are available: How to use it for free

Many functions appear on WhatsApp and are available for free. Let’s see how to use it and why it is useful to the user.

The WhatsApp
Several free features appear in the messaging app (via screenshot)

After a terrible start in 2021, The WhatsApp Bounce back by adding tons of features to its app, once again keeping fierce competition away from cable NS Signal. In fact, the developers Menlo Park They added calls with 50 users, the ability to join a call in progress and different tricks within chats. But it is possible to improve the messaging application using many third-party tools.

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In fact, today we are going to introduce you to two third-party apps that can improve your instant messaging app. So let’s start from Whats the tracker, an if left in the background app that allows you to monitor one or more people regarding their entry and exit from WhatsApp, complete with reports at the end of the day. while the second is WAM An application that allows you to Recover all messages we’ve got Deleted Voluntarily, of your own free will. So this application can be especially useful when our interlocutor deletes a message before it is displayed.

WhatsApp, a new audio tool: what’s changing

WhatsApp voice
New graphics for the messaging app (via screenshot)

during the month of June, The WhatsApp Deliver big news about audio. In fact, through the messaging application, for about a month it is possible to listen to all the sounds twice as fast. Everything came with the latest version of the app for Android, the So the developers will now try to make the app more cohesive and organic, changing touser interface.

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With the arrival of summer, the developers of the application will replace the flat font of the sound with an extension Graphical representation showing all the differences in sound. The aesthetic solution chosen by the application is already known to all its users cable, which this drawing has been on for some time. The solution is especially useful in long audio recordings with which the user will be able Selecting and skipping pauses in audio. At the moment, the job is only offered on beta for every Android, but may soon reach the main application.

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