WhatsApp sends users into a tailspin: what’s going on

WhatsApp in these hours sends millions of users into a tailspin. There are many who cannot find a solution to this problem.

As of now, there are more than 2 billion users using WhatsApp. In fact, thousands of these have been affected by a major problem for which a solution has yet to be found. So let’s find out what is happening and what is the problem that most of the users are facing.

Whatsapp problem
The app in trending for this reason – ilovetrading.it

WhatsApp is a very popular instant messaging application Which allows users to send messages, voice calls, video calls, share photos, videos, documents, and more. It is available on smartphones and other mobile devices, and allows users to easily and conveniently communicate with friends, family and business partners around the world using an internet connection. In this period i Show many features from the app.

In fact we have recently seen an introduction Chat locked. This feature improves security for all users, as everyone will be able to protect certain conversations with them password or even your fingerprint. But that’s not all, since WhatsApp is also ready to give Screen sharing during video calls, thanks to a new special button. Now though Application crash problem. Let’s see what it is and how to fix it.

WhatsApp haywire again: latest issue for all users

a A new bug affecting WhatsApp on all Android devices. In fact, users who are using the messaging app from the green robot device are experiencing a sudden app crash when a certain link is opened within the conversations. So let’s get to know all the details about the latest issue facing thousands of users on the app.

Whatsapp problem
What you need to know about the latest bug affecting the app – ilovetrading.it

This error is unlocked with the URL wa.me/settingswhich usually takes you to the Settings page. However, when I click on that link, the instant messaging app suddenly closes, and as soon as I reopen the chat where the link was written, the crash repeats itself constantly. The latter issue also affects the business version of the app. This is not the first time that users have encountered this problem, as it already happened in 2018.

However, in this case, the error was encountered when typing an Hindi character in the Telegu language. The error in question caused the entire iOS and Springboard to crash. at the moment In order not to encounter the error, it is absolutely necessary to avoid opening the application in which the URL is located And possibly eliminate it through WhatsApp Web. Moreover, WhatsApp is likely to soon release a patch to solve the problem that is gripping a large part of the users.

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