WhatsApp, say goodbye to snoopers with this foolproof trick

WhatsApp has revolutionized the world of communication, but are we sure that we are protected in our privacy? Learn how to ensure adequate protection.

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The World of communications It was literally turned upside down years ago by the arrival The WhatsApp, The famous messaging application that allows you to communicate with your contacts 24 hours a day and from anywhere in the world. Messages, calls and video calls We can absolutely say that thanks to this application the distances have been shortened and this is good for those who may live far from their loved ones and can always hear them, thus avoiding fortunes are spent It has also been imposed instead in the past.

Who are our contacts? People whose number is registered in the address book and then their features are clearly known. But some users may use whatsapp in files in an unpleasant way, Ie to monitor or expire others. How do you protect yourself? Here’s the foolproof method you absolutely must be aware of.

WhatsApp, say goodbye to hackers with this trick

WhatsApp protects privacy
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Nowadays, we can say that with the advent of social networks and applications such as WhatsApp, the distinction between privacy protection is often compromised because information is spread out on the web and anyone can steal it. Although the messaging application is limited to the numbers in the address book, it should be noted that the information can be picked up by anyone who has a phone connection with us, even if it is unknown to us.

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How do you protect yourself? The problem arises especially when statuses are shared: they last 24 hours and anyone curious can go and look. However, there is a way to prevent this from happening.

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Simply click on the three dots on the right and follow the “State Privacy” option. At this point, it gives you three options for selecting who can see your status: My Contacts, Except My Contacts, and Share with. The second entry is ideal for those who have already identified snoopers on the service and would prefer to avoid this one Continue the raid. The same can be done with the profile picture, which is a way to specify who is visible and in front of whom. It is always helpful to keep these concepts in mind.

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