WhatsApp reveals where our friends go on vacation: Here’s how

Cassandra’s post really: By the IP address of our friends, you can find out where they are on vacation: Here’s how.

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What if WhatsApp suddenly turns into a seer’s stone? After all, some technological tools really lack an application just to predict the future, after which the service will be completed. One of the hidden tricks that hide the famous Facebook appAstonishing though it may sound, it seems capable of converting its user into a new Laocoon. Looking at different Instagram profiles remains the best way to find out what our friends are up to on vacation. But it is not certain that they are so full of information that they write where they are.

What WhatsApp offers is a really crazy feature for the curious. On the contrary, it has already been used for the opposite function, which is to control any annoying numbers, find out their locations and make sure It was far enough from us. However, it can also be used during holidays to understand where our friends are relaxing, without necessarily having to call and disturb them with relaxation. Pretty method of course, not a thing for embezzlers.

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WhatsApp, holiday trick: Here’s how it works

Our friends who are already on vacation will not need to write where they are vacationing in their Instagram Stories. With WhatsApp, in fact, it will be possible to find out simply by applying some very simple steps. Easier to use WhatsApp in its web version, which you will need to bring up the task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del on the keyboard). Once you are done, click Win + R and type the letters “cmd”. Finally, type the word “netstat-an”.

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At this point, the game is almost over: in fact, you will get the IP address of the person you want to peek at. The last step is the crucial one: just go to the website and enter the IP address. in this way The person’s location will appear. Just put two and two together to know that the indicated place will be where our friend is vacationing. Of course, perhaps a phone call will suffice …

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