WhatsApp, privacy rules deferred for three months: that’s why –

the new Rules On Privacy Announced before The WhatsApp It will not be implemented in the coming days, rather it has been implemented Postponed for three months. why?

After an impressive moment that culminated in recording calls in the past year, WhatsApp is going through a period of crisis that has seen its rivals rise very quickly, above all cable e SignalAfter notifying the new terms of use.

As it often happens, some moves are misinterpreted and a chain reaction is triggered between users. Therefore, WhatsApp is convinced that the new rules need to be better explained, which is why it decided to take more time.

However, the surveys by a privacy guarantor paint a fairly clear picture and are not very helpful: WhatsApp’s goal is to allow companies to store chats with users to implement. Profiling for advertising purposes.

However, the real impact of these new rules on the average user should be understood, especially considering that they should not be applied within the European Union. We’ll find out, apparently, from May 15.

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