Whatsapp, news for stickers: updated with a bang

Here comes an important and very interesting novelty for WhatsApp users regarding stickers: here are the details, what changes and what you need to know.

It never ceases to surprise its many fans WhatsApp, the well-known and beloved instant messaging platform that in this particular case presents a fitting update regarding stickers: here are the details of the novelty.

WhatsApp, watch out for the update, what changes for stickers
WhatsApp update, sticker news –

when it comes to b WhatsApp It denotes an absolute landmark in the world of instant messaging. The success and spread is also due to the continuous updates by the developers which aim to solve any bugs, modify existing functions and add expected ones. In this case, grandmother is associated with WhatsApp Beta for Android, Version, an update specifically related to stickers.

The introduction of the ability to share stickers dates back to 2018, and it is a different way to communicate with your contacts. Over time this functionality has subsequently been improved, until today with the latest novelty, it has been released to certain beta testers as part of the aforementioned update which introduces Label search functionality.

WhatsApp news What’s changing for stickers with the messaging app’s beta update

So what is important is the associated novelty WhatsApp Detailed to stickers14.16 beta update of the Android app, in the name of greater practicality and ease of use.

WhatsApp news for stickers, the update that users will love
WhatsApp and stickers, the novelty in the beta update –

Indeed, as experts explain WABetaInfo, Referring to what is shown in the screenshot, above the keyboard, you can see the new sticker bar look. It is precisely the latter that allows you to display All emoji-related stickers are entered into the chat bar.

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Those who want to see if this feature is enabled for their account can try downloading a Cuppy sticker pack from the built-in sticker store. After the download is made, it is enough to type one of the emojis. Once the feature is enabled, you should be able to see the new bar.

This is not an insignificant novelty, given that as the number of installed adhesives increases, so does the difficulty associated with identifying a particular adhesive among all available adhesives. Thanks to this novelty, it will be easier and faster to find the right adhesive for each context.

The update in question is only available to some beta testers, but don’t worry, we’ve read that it will be rolled out to more subjects in the near future.

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