WhatsApp, new stickers: everything is changing, making it easier

Another WhatsApp novelty that will make users very happy: what can change in the stickers and what features to know

There are many elements that attract attention when it comes to WhatsApp, and the important aspects are related to the many tools, functions and methods of communication, as in the case of stickers.

New Whatsapp stickers function, it will be easier to create them – information today.it

The most attentive will remember that first Stickers on WhatsApp, the stickers Which offers a cute and innovative way to communicate, allowing users to personalize and express their feelings through photos and graphics, dating back to 2017, on the instant messaging app.

Since then, stickers have become the subject of developers’ work, their number and development in general has been growing.

Currently, there are a lot of stickers, which can be downloaded through third-party packages and applications. Not forgetting the possibility of making it directly on your own.

Gradually over time the possibility Create a poster Starting with cropping a photo made with the specific function of the Photos app that arrived with Apple, specifically iOS 16.

It is enough for the user to choose an image, press and hold on the subject to turn it into a sticker, and then copy and paste it into a conversation. But now, WhatsApp is also working on another feature related to stickers.

WhatsApp and stickers: a function that makes creating easier

Concerned granny is in orbit WhatsApp , Thus, the job you’re working on aims to make sure of that Create stickers Easier, directly in the application itself.

New function for creating stickers, what is changing on Whatsapp – today’s information

inside the past Beta (iOS)which is available through test flightThere is an optionNews TickerThis is an item in the chat sharing actions menu.

It should be noted that the functionality is still under development, and therefore incomplete. However, it should allow the user to choose an image from the library, and be able to modify it with various tools.

Among them, even removing the background, before turning it into a sticker and being able to share it.

WhatsApp already offered a similar tool for creating stickers, in both the web and desktop versions. However, according to WABetaInfo, the novelty under development on iOS should also offer other tools.

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