WhatsApp, many are receiving it these days: what happens, many are worried about privacy

WhatsApp: Attention to Privacy Message (Web) – www.themagazinetech.com

WhatsApp is one of the messaging platforms in the app world and it is definitely the most used.

Think about it all over world There are more than two one billion Active user including more than 35 million Italians. It’s really numbers Adorable. This success is mainly due to the fact that it is a platform securityreliable, continuous and steady development. We all know how many updates there are platform.

They are all targeted to improve To experience the use of the platform and protect Privacy Based on safety of users and data. Of all, we recall encryption end to the end Which allows you to chat freely, making sure that no one other than the interlocutors knows what is written or sent.

But say updates that bring the new Careers The platform is full of them. There are a lot of new features, the latest one, which is undoubtedly the most requested by all users, is the possibility modify the Messages after it is sent. finally came and It will get better The quality of using the application itself.

It must be said, however, that these days too many users they are receiving message which relates to Privacy on WhatsApp. The message informs about changes made to the privacy settings for platform. and the worry Millions of users who thus see their privacy at risk.

“WhatsApp has changed your privacy settings”: Here is the beginning of the message.

That’s how it starts message who converts you WhatsApp between users. He continues by saying that they were changed the day before this news was sent. In addition, the text shows that from that moment ie user From the platform add anyone to groups. Finally, all users are welcome to changes Their own settings from Privacy.

WhatsApp: Attention to Privacy Message (Web) – www.themagazinetech.com

But you should know that this one News It’s been around for quite some time. Or rather, it had already been in operation for two years and was in full force denial. Now, however, it has returned, and no one knows how or why silly a reason. If this comes to you messageYou won’t have to do that at all nothing. It’s not news honest. Actually, you should know that WhatsApp It actually gives you the ability to choose who can add you to groups.

Just open the app and navigate to the file settings. Here you will need to select the card Privacyand scroll down until you find the card groups. This will open a new screen where you can choose who can add you within groups. And you can choose between everyone, yours Contactsbut also your advertising contacts exception Somebody.

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