WhatsApp listens to users and releases a great update, don’t miss it

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WhatsApp, the popular messaging app is slowly losing more and more people, which is why it is committed to releasing more and more useful updates.

It will not be long for the applications to evolve, in fact the Meta team is constantly looking for innovations capable of satisfying the desires of those who represent the real strength of WhatsApp: the users by exchanging messages, photos and files.

When WhatsApp was created, in 2009, it had so few functions, that at first you could not only send pictures, but there weren’t even the classic push notifications that would allow you to instantly communicate today, knowing that the sender of the message And even content. Since then, the team of developers, formerly of Yahoo! Continuously improving the application.

In 2014, when Mark Zuckerberg acquired the application at an incredible cost of $ 19.3 billion, many users decided to leave the application in favor of competitors such as Line and Telegram, who were particularly afraid of the management of the future Meta group, which over time faced many problems related to its privacy Persons and personal data sold to third parties.

To try to limit the damage and bring WhatsApp to a new period of popularity, Meta programmers are constantly trying to release useful updates, listening to users’ opinions and trying to best satisfy their wishes.

HD images with WhatsApp update

One of the problems that persisted in the application and was constantly reported by the community was related to the reduction in the quality of images sent via chat, which were sent with a 70% decrease in quality compared to the original files. Although this function guarantees instant file transmission and reduces consumption, users have realized that this aspect has caused a series of shortcomings.

Send whatsapp pictures

With the release of the new update, it will finally be possible to send high-quality photos and images to both iOS and Android devices, making the application used daily more efficient, not only to keep in touch with friends and relatives, but also to work, study and participate in projects.

To be able to send images without affecting the quality, just refresh the application and open the drop-down menu by selecting the three dots at the top right of the screen, from here you will have to go to “Settings”, “Data Space” and find the item “Media Upload Quality”, So you can choose your preferred resolution.

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