WhatsApp launches a new video calling feature that is very convenient for everyone

Soon the millions of users who constantly use instant messaging will find an important novelty. In fact, WhatsApp is launching a new video calling function which is very convenient for everyone. Users gathered in a group will also be able to enter a video call at a later time.

Change the scenario

Until now, when we were engaged in a video call, we had to answer necessarily, otherwise we would lose the connection. Many were forced not to accept the video call because at that moment they were engaged in something else. Now, however, everything changes and in group video calls, we’ll be able to get in whenever we want without having to answer right away.

How will the new video call work

Famous app user of instant message It is not necessary to do anything to activate the function. Anyone who abandons the group video call can immediately re-enter by finding it in the call list. Logically, the group chat should remain active. We will see the camera icon appear for video calls or the handset for voice calls only. Simply click on the icon to enter the call.

Does it also work on WhatsApp desktop?

Those who use the app from a computer will be disappointed that joining a video call later will not work. In fact, the developers of WhatsApp will only make the news available on the mobile apps for Android and iOS.

So who is using WhatsApp Desktop App He will only be able to make video calls individually.

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WhatsApp video call history

For three years, WhatsApp users have been able to make group video calls. In the first step, give the app the video call to a maximum of four people. Instead, during the pandemic, in April 2020, the limit was raised to 8 participants. Now the third step comes with the possibility to enter the conversation at a later time and not necessarily the time of the invitation.

WhatsApp launches a new video calling feature that is very convenient for everyone

Most users were expecting an increase in the number of participants in group video calls. On the other hand, WhatsApp doesn’t seem to focus on this rhetoric and is now investing in another way by letting you into a group video call even after the invitation.

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