WhatsApp is about to offer a feature that is as simple as it is useful

WhatsApp is always improving the instant messaging service, Despite the recent “misunderstanding”. So it turns out An upcoming feature It can make certain type of users happy.

In particular, also as reported WaBetaInfoIn the latest beta version of the official WhatsApp for Android, or, references regarding a new feature appeared soon: Signal related emblem. In other words, when someone uses the ‘tag’ function to get your attention within a group, you’ll see the relevant badge appear next to the relevant chat name. This way, you’ll know when people are asking to enter you into a conversation.

It might seem like a small thing, but it actually is about it The post is as simple as it is useful. In fact, our lives are getting more and more active, between a call here and a message there, so a feature of this nature allows you to always be “alert” to what is happening within the group, among other things. Quickly.

However, the Signals badge is still under development It is not clear when it will reach everyone. For the rest, the update does not bring much news, if not more stickers.

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