Whatsapp How to know the location of the users: amazing news

On WhatsApp, check out a way to find out the location of your users. No less amazing, it can be activated on just one device.

Check out new trick to use in messaging app (via screenshot)

There is always a lot of news that The WhatsApp It’s implemented to recover users, but today a surprising new trick appears that allows it Find out the location of your users. Although it may seem a deceptive hoax, this feature is completely legal and can be used without other user discovering it. But there is a hypothesis to be noted, in fact the function can only be used on WhatsApp for the desktop (Close all background tabs), both of which are running iOS H Male in appearance. Not only that, but the trick needs to be done shortly after the conversation ends.

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As we expected, we can only activate the trick on the web version of the app. To do the trick, you’ll need to follow these steps: You will have to click Ctrl + Alt + Cancel On the keyboard for Open Task Manager. Then you will have to press Win + R. To open the job and To writepoultice“Into the field and press Enter. Then at this point, open up the prompt, and you will have to type”netstat-anAnd press Enter again. At this point it will appear IP address The other person, to be copied and pasted on the site these steps are completed, you will be able to see the user’s location.

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WhatsApp, it’s not just a trick to find out where users are: how to change the voice

WhatsApp voice text
One of the most useful tricks present in the app (via screenshot)

But this is only the last trick to use in the app. In fact, yesterday we discovered how to change your voice in voice messages. To do this, you must first download an application: for Male in appearance exist Voice changerAs for iOS exist Audio Charger Plus. So let’s see what happens using the two apps that are in digital stores

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As for the The first application, It can be used on pre-recorded audio, Thus changing the tone of the voice. There are several filters to use, we find: robots and mars, then demons and giants as well. Once the audio has been edited, it will be possible to send it directly to The WhatsApp Via the app.

While the second application (Audio Charger Plus) Show much more Practical, fast and efficient. In fact, you can record audio directly on the app, by entering various filters. Among this we also find a sound Darth Vader. Once you record the audio, as it happens to ‘Voice changer’, it will be possible to send it to WhatsApp directly from the app.

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