Whatsapp How to Hack Accounts: Explanation

Here is how criminals get people’s Whatsapp profiles. Several reports of such cases in the past period

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The Whatsapp security It is a topic that is fairly close to everyone’s heart, which is why news about this issue always draws attention. Despite the great work of the most famous producers instant messaging appFrom time to time some disturbance may occur.

This time, however, the users were upset in a rather decisive way, given that There have been several reports of account theft. A rather unfortunate situation that seems to have happily returned.

Whatsapp: Police explain to cheat stolen account

In practice, many users found themselves for a few hours without their profile, which in the meantime ended up in the hands of others. It all happened because of an “error” Whatsapp web. As it is known to many, to useWhatsapp desktop app Basically you need the verification code, which in this case looks like it ended up in the hands of the bad guys Hacker.

As a result there have been many complaints, resulting in state police To issue an official statement in this regard. In practice, the police explained what happens in these cases.

Nothing new, it is a well-known and approved technology, and it is a technology phishing. Basically criminals can get a SMS to the selected victim in which This code is required to be sent, however, which makes the phone number of a contact in the address book appear as the sender.

Once you reply to the SMS, your Whatsapp is already delivered to third parties who can use it on another device, but referring to the phone number of the deceived person, who actually loses ownership of the account.

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result of this The advice to follow is always the same, by saying that Never respond to suspicious messages or emails asking for personal or banking information. In fact, if you come across such contents, it is a good idea to report it to allow officials to detect those who are committing fraudulent acts.

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