Whatsapp, How to change the phoneme in vowels: the trick

There is a way to change the sound of the phonemic vowels on Whatsapp that you send to friends, relatives and more: tricks to do so

WhatsApp privacy alert

You are among those who prefer to send vowels throughout the day The WhatsApp Instead of writing? Do you want to prank friends or relatives? In this regard, we inform you that there is a possibility to modify your voice in voice messages. To do this, you must first download an application: for Male in appearance exist Voice changerAs for iOS exist Audio Charger Plus.

The first, very easy to use, allows you to apply the audio filter to a pre-recorded audio or to directly record the audio with the modulated tone. There are many effects available: from robots to Mars, through demons and giants. Once you’ve edited the audio, just share it The WhatsApp.

Also Voiche Charge Plus It is very immediate and intuitive about its use. Simply click on the red button and choose from the available filters (there is also an Darth VaderThen record it and share it with whoever you want.

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Whatsapp, fast voice playback is coming

The WhatsApp revolution

New feature coming soon The WhatsApp, Which will allow you to speed up those long messages that you cannot fully listen because they are so long. In the latest beta version, experts from WaBetaInfo Find out the novelty, both of them Male in appearance Which – which iOS, As it is possible to increase the speed of reproduction beyond the norm of x1.

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A good way to avoid pulling out notes we don’t want to hear or making it easier to listen to friends who talk too little.

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