WhatsApp, here’s what you can do soon: upcoming features

Six months after the launch of the connection, The WhatsApp It began making some announced news available to nearly 2 billion users around the world, starting with those related to the community.


It is one of the most eagerly awaited innovations with even greater potential. In essence, communities are nothing more than summary screens in which to list and manage multiple WhatsApp groups. So it will be possible to perform specific operations simultaneously on all saved groups, or only on one or some of them. So a new type of group chat is being formed, which, in turn, will be divided into subgroups According to your needs.

WhatsApp Community will allow people to group separate groups into a larger group according to the structure that works best for them.explains the company. “They will be able to get updates sent to the entire community and easily organize small discussion groups specific to the topic.”

With this tool, groups can be grouped together in a dedicated space, with each group assigned a name, photo, and description. Each community can contain the most 10 setsUsually divided by topic. After creating the community, it will be possible to access the ads chat, through which the admin can send communications to the members. From a professional point of view, such a function can make it possible to divide directions on the basis of sectors or reference categories for different employees, devoting a special contact to each of them and excluding others not included.

The new version, available for some models from April and for others only from November, can be activated in the tab social communication (At the top in Android chats, below on iOS), give the group a name, photo, and description, then add the groups in the community.

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The election

Another possibility is to create polls and then publish them in one conversation group. A novelty intended first for Beta users, regarding version (for Android) and (for iOS). You will then be able to create polls in groups with multiple participants, ask a question, generate answers and allow chat participants to express their preferences. Not only moderators but also the ‘core’ members of the group will be able to do this. Polling will take up to 12 options Different. Once a vote is received, the data will be updated automatically, with the results displayed on a dedicated screen.

Multiple users in groups

If before WhatsApp allowed you to create groups with a maximum of 512 participants, now the number has been doubled: admin included, in fact, it will be possible to host 1024 users. An important novelty, especially if it is related to the function of society and thus to the creation of very numerous subgroups.

Video calls between multiple people

Another novelty is that related to the increase in the number of participants in group voice calls: the video chat of the application will no longer be able to host only a maximum of 8 users but well 32.

Chat with yourself

This new feature essentially acts as a notepad and note. While this option already exists for iOS, the company has been tasked with implementing specific improvements on both platforms. Gone on iOS and never made it to Android, this option will allow you to send messages to yourself via a dedicated chat, which can be started directly from your contacts list.

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The affected WhatsApp version will be 22.23.74 for iOS and for Android. No more complicated actions, just touch the button to create a new conversation. On the dedicated screen you can find your phone number indicated by the pronoun “you” in brackets and the command “Send yourself a message”. All messages sent in that conversation are also available on other devices connected to the chatthe account.

One account for multiple devices

Among the beta novelties, also the possibility of using an account on multiple devices. If you press the three dots at the top right while activating the account on a new smartphone, you can get to the “Connect device” item. In this way, you can scan a QR code from a mobile phone with WhatsApp already running. In other words, by following this method, you will use another smartphone or tablet as a secondary device for the same account.

Anyway, it’s a trial version. At the moment, there is talk of exploiting the function multi device Up to 4 mobile phones or tablets.

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