WhatsApp: Here’s how to contact someone even if they block us

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Do you have someone you want to apologize to, but they blocked you on WhatsApp? Don’t panic, there is an easy way to send him a video message and try to make things right. Let’s see how to do that.

Everyone now knows WhatsApp, after all, it is the most used instant messaging app in the world. This application works on both smartphones and computers, and to use it you just need to associate a phone number and an internet connection. Meta family app is within everyone’s reach and after using it, it becomes really impossible to live without. However, despite the huge success, there are still many users who do not know 100% how to use this application.

For example, what do you do if someone blocks us but we’d like to send them a video message, perhaps to apologize, evading the block limit?

Well, it is a simpler process than we can imagine, even if you are not familiar with the technology. All it takes is an ally and a little luck. Here’s how.

WhatsApp: How to contact someone who has blocked us

WhatsApp is the application through which millions of users around the world can exchange messages, photos, documents, audio and video recordings. Meta family app is available for both iOS and Android and can be downloaded and installed on your device for free. It’s a fairly easy and intuitive app to use, so once you become familiar with the interface and the various features, sending messages, sharing documents and making video calls will be a breeze! But what do you do if you want to contact someone who has blocked you?

First, we have to say that once you block a contact, it is not possible to send messages or video call to that person. So, to contact someone who has blocked us, we need an ally, someone who knows both of us. This person has to create a WhatsApp group and add the two contacts. Through the WhatApp group, provided that no one abandons it, users, even if they are blocked, can exchange messages, photos, documents, audio and video recordings. Therefore, before the person we wish to apologize for leaving the group leaves, we will have to take the opportunity to send a video message of apology, but also an audio recording, a written message or a photo.

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As we expected, the moment the other person leaves the group, he returns completely blocked as before, so it is necessary to be quick and, above all, to play the person’s cards well.

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