WhatsApp down, Meta message service not working: “At work for recovery”

If you only see one tick, don’t worry. The messaging system simply doesn’t work: there is a temporary crash that blocks and silently leaves many Italians using the Messages app. Half. The holidays started this morning at 9 am, there are thousands of reports about DowndetectorThe specialized platform that collects and reports problems across various websites and applications. give her 8.53 in 9.23 Problem reports went from 2 to 21,592. Downdetector only reports the incident when the number of problem reports is much higher than the usual volume for that time of day. Already yesterday afternoon the first malfunction. It lasted a few hours.

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For some users, the service works, albeit incomplete. For others, the service is offline. Messages do not start: After sending there is a clock – indicating the problem – or one tick. service too WhatsApp WebThe computer’s messaging service is not working. Reports come on Twitter as the hashtag #WhatsApp down is trending from around the world. Reports from Italy are almost uniform, with little distribution in the south, Sardinia and the northeast, and other Meta, Facebook and Instagram systems seem to be working.

“At work for restoration”

“We understand that some people are having trouble sending messages. We are working on getting them back The WhatsApp As soon as possible”: WhatsApp spokesperson says. Latest The shortcomings of WhatsApp go back to last yearThe October 4, 2021 When there was a “disabled” of all Meta group apps, including Instagram And the Facebookfor 6 hours. On this occasion, after the restoration of services, the official apologies to the founder arrived Mark Zuckerberg.

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