Whatsapp Do you think someone blocked you without your knowledge? Here’s the trick to finding out right away

With the spread of the Internet, we have witnessed a real boom in the world of smartphones on a global scale.

These devices have, in fact, proven themselves thanks to their characteristics of always being connected to the Internet, and this has led to a great innovation in the technological field.

One of the fundamental changes in this regard has occurred with the introduction of applications, especially those dedicated to instant messaging. In this regard we mention in particular The WhatsAppwhich has now reached and surpassed a few billion users worldwide, and followed immediately after that cable, which has made its strong point in its advanced encryption system, as it has been able to reach millions and millions of users all over the world especially during the past few years. These two (and other) instant messaging applications managed in a short time to completely replace the text communication methods used until then, namely SMS (for text messages) and MMS (for multimedia content).

Today we are going to focus specifically on WhatsApp, and analyze one of its special functions specifically. One of the “evergreen” functions, which is also present in every social network currently in existence (such as Facebook or Instagram, just to give an example) is to block contacts.

In fact, inside WhatsApp we have the possibility to block any contact or phone number, and therefore we will not share our data, profile picture and last access. But how can we determine if any of our contacts have blocked us? Let’s see it together!

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How do you know who blocked you

The main advantage of this method is that it does not involve the use of any external application, so you can rest assured. It is precisely through the contact information that we can, in fact, understand if a contact has blocked us: in this case, by opening his chat, we will no longer be able to see his profile picture, nor his recent access, and the possible status (online or less).

However, there is a trick to be able to write to someone who has blocked you: this consists in asking a third person (common between you and the contact who is supposed to block you) to create a common group, for a later period abandon it.

whatsapp 2 salvatorearanzulla

Thus, you will have the possibility to communicate with the contact that blocked you, as all consequences of blocking are temporarily suspended within groups.

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