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Been talked about Since last June For WhatsApp Web Calls and video calls They landed at the start WhatsApp Desktop application, The app for PC and Mac for the popular messaging platform. Rolling out in progress: In a few days, the news will be available to over 2 billion usersWorld Cup of Service. The only requirement to download the app to your computer: You have Windows 10 version 1903 or later or macOS 10.13 or later.Only one to one mode is available now, ma On the official blog The staff announced: In the future, we will expand this functionality to include video calls and group voice calls as well.

How they work

Since many people are still far from their loved ones and many of them are adapting to new ways of working remotely – the blog continues -, We want the conversations on WhatsApp to be as similar as possible to personal conversations, regardless of the device being used or where you are on the planet. Hence the introduction to the feature. A new move to make WhatsApp Desktop more similar to the classic mobile app (calling was introduced in 2015, and video calling in the following year).

Desktop calls are designed for business In both portrait and landscape orientation, Then select Employees. More specifically, It has also been leaked already In the months scBears, call codes and video calls will be placed In the top right of the chat screen, Next to the name of the contact you want to interact with (just like in the mobile app). In the event that a call or video call comes in, a pop-up window will appear with three options: Reject, accept, or ignore. The small menu dedicated to ongoing conversations is also interesting, which provides the possibility, as well as of course, interrupting the phone call, too Turn off the microphone Based on Convert to video calls by operating the webcam.

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WhatsApp Web?

It is inevitable to wonder if the news will soon also relate to WhatsApp Web. Probably yes, Considering that the job has been under beta testing for some time. It should be noted, however, that the service really does provide implementation capability Video calls up to 50 participants, But only indirectly through Messenger rooms Under create a room. However, in the mobile app, Last April, the maximum number was raised from 4 to 8. In any case, the path seems to have been mapped: in every version of the service, Strong pressure on the ability to get users to interact at the group level. Given the available catchment area, it’s definitely not good news for the competition.

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