WhatsApp, change everything with a new password: What’s going on

WhatsApp intends to enter a password for a very specific reason: detailing the developers’ thinking

As everyone knows now, chats The WhatsApp Protected by End-to-end encryption. This allows users to “hide” conversations from third parties and The WhatsApp The same. Despite this, an additional level of protection could also be applied very soon to cloud backups i.e. archives that allow you to restore conversations in case the phone changes.

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Whatsapp, how will backup protection happen

WhatsApp returns message

According to experts from WaBetaInfo, Developers can enter the password to protect such archives. Cloud backups, which are in the smartphone’s memory, are not protected by any algorithm. They are saved and they end up Google Drive In case Male in appearance Come on iCloud In case Iphone. Google Ed Apple, city, catHowever, they do protect the users, but they often provide the materials to law enforcement authorities in the event of an investigation.

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However, the developers The WhatsApp They want to protect these files with a password. In detail, according to what emerges from the trial version, when saving the backups, users will be able to choose a keyword of at least 8 characters, which will be requested in the case of recovery after the new installation of the application.
Archives will become invisible in the event that hackers or authorities must have the cloud of owners in hand.

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