WhatsApp: Change everything! | A revolution in sending photos

WhatsApp is preparing for a powerful new revolution when it comes to sending files like photos, documents and videos: here’s what’s changing

This is not the first time in the last period WhatsApp You are preparing for very interesting updates and news, but this time it really changes your life.
Mark Zuckerberg, Director, Meta Group. It does its best to increase the usage of WhatsApp by changing the messaging system frequently.
There have been a lot of life-improving updates on the app, but this time is coming An update that many have been waiting for for a long time.

We recently talked about another novelty coming in the near future for WhatsApp that many have been waiting for for a long time.
We do not know when, but soon we will finally have the possibility to edit the messages sent in the chat, without having to delete them each time.
Certainly an important step for WhatsApp, which has always been a little behind its competitors, such as Telegram, but this time the Zuckerberg app is preparing for another small revolution that will cause concern. Files sent in the chat, i.e. photos, videos and documents.

Sending photos and documents: everything is changing, the turning point is coming

For the text part, WhatsApp has always paid attention to details and applications.
We know that there has always been a possibility to bold, italicize or strikethrough messages through emoticons or to completely change the color and font of messages through third party apps.
As forSend files and documentsOn the other hand, WhatsApp has always shown all its limitations, but this time it seems that a real revolution has arrived from this point of view as well.

It seems that the time has come for a complete transformation of WhatsApp which so far seems very limited compared to the competition.
However, the many innovations and updates that have been made in the last period will bring the green application back to the upper floors and perhaps many users who have abandoned it will retrace their steps.
There is important news regarding groupsAnd Captions for photos and documentsAnd Send files and much more!

Here’s the revolution: here are the changes in sending photos and documents

Let’s start from the news that concerns the groups, it is minor news, but still interesting: from the upcoming updates The character limit will increase To describe WhatsApp groups.
However, that’s not all, because the WhatsApp company has also anticipated many innovations related toSend files within chatsboth in personal and collective terms: it really changes everything!

In fact, it has been announced that it will now be possible to write captions for documents that we send in chat (previously only for photos and videos).
Just in terms of photos and videos, there is a very interesting novelty that everyone has been waiting for: in fact, there will be The ability to send up to 100 files at the same time inside the chat; Really important step since so far the limit has been 20.
We remind you that like all updates, this too will not happen immediately on all devices, but first on the most recent: if your app is not automatically updated, you can go to the store (Play Store or App Store) to update manually,

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