WhatsApp, be careful: you may be using the fake version I’m the same in all respects, but it’s stealing your information

Beware of the Fake Version of WhatsApp: Go Off the Alarm (Web) –

We can say without fear of being proven wrong that WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform in the world.

I have finished 2 billion Regular users of the platform and in Italy this number exceeds 30 million. More than half of Italians actually depend on WhatsApp to create talks with the others users. This is due to the fact that developers It made many new features available Careers.

And they do continuously. They keep coming updates, first in beta and then globally. And they all bring breath heresy. Just think of the voice messages that have gone through two mythical changes. The first relates to their possibility self destruction after me recipients They have I listen to you.

The second, however, concerns B Possibility from insertion within States From WhatsApp as it happens to i Messages Text and multimedia content. Then, there are those who are still being tested. One of all the novelties presented is the possibility Involved Their own States Within the social blue stories, Facebook.

Having said that, however, you should pay attention to an issue that has been encountered for a very short time. practically, WhatsApp And Google They just released a file Warning. The situation is really worrying because it has already affected so many users Who uses the Issuance to android from the platform. Let’s see together what happens.

From WhatsApp to the Fake version, the step is really short: pay attention a lot.

In fact, the ultimatum speaks of A.S message Posted by Google Play Protect for users. This message warning The latter which uses an unofficial and unauthorized version of the platform Correspondence in the question. Nobody can be sure about that. This is because of these versions forged They can arrive in many ways and take on different connotations.

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Beware of the Fake Version of WhatsApp: Go Off the Alarm (Web) –

We assume that this was it Develop from third parties, in addition to violates Policy WhatsAppthreatens the privacy and security of users and their devices. I practice, may also have been developed for He steals All the data affiliate users who use them, than those related to themselves position in password.

Finally, some suggestions come from WhatsApp Itself. you always have to check The application is safe. In this they can help me downloads and the Ratings receipts. Moreover, by the time you receive this letter from GoogleYou will definitely have to run to uninstall this app. Although the tech giant Mountain view proceed to Removal from all applications Harmful identified so far.

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