WhatsApp, ban for those who use alternative apps like GB WhatsApp

Beware of your WhatsApp account. There are some situations where you may risk saying goodbye to your profile. this is the reason.

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Unfortunately, the recent period has been marked by the impact of Covid, which has brought with it negative repercussions from the point of view of social and economic relations. In order to limit its spread, in fact, we are asked to take care of various precautions, such as the use of a mask and social distancing. A particularly complex historical period, which led us to change many of our habits. A clear example of this is the increasingly massive use of various Technology devices, allowing us to communicate at any time with friends and relatives, even if they are physically far away.

From texting, to social networking, to instant messaging appsIn fact, you are really spoiled for choice. In this context, for example, it is important The WhatsApp, which turned out to be one of the most popular applications. Precisely for this reason, unfortunately, it often ends up attracting the attention of some malicious people, who use this service to try to extort money from the unfortunate person on duty through tricks Studied down to the smallest detail. But not only that, to put your Whatsapp account at risk, there are some situations you follow that you risk being forbidden. But what is this? Let’s get into the details and see what we can know about it.

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WhatsApp, look at the account: If you have this version, you may be banned

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The WhatsApp It is undoubtedly the most widely used and most popular instant messaging application in the world. So it is no coincidence that many are interested in various news related to it. However, all too often, we can end up dealing with certain situations that are considered incorrect, to the point where we risk exposure Ban your account. How is that possible?

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Well, this can happen if you are using an unofficial version of the app, like WhatsApp Plus e GB WhatsApp. In practice, these are two modified versions of WhatsApp that offer additional services, but are considered less secure from a privacy point of view.

Unlike the official version of the application, in fact, they do not use the same encryption scheme. Furthermore it Not available on Google Play Store, but generally on third-party websites, with all the potential risks this procedure may involve.

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Specifically in this context, therefore, through the recent Update their websiteWhatsApp has indicated that WhatsApp cloning services are prohibited by its terms of service. But not only that, in the event that you do not switch to the official version of the application, you risk suffering from a file permanent ban.

In this regard, in fact, we read: “If you get an in-app message that your account is “temporarily banned”, it probably means that you are Using an unsupported version of WhatsApp instead of the official WhatsApp app. If you do not switch to the official app after being temporarily banned, your account may be permanently banned from using WhatsApp“.

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