WhatsApp, another news: How voice messages are changing

The WhatsApp About to announce a new feature related to Messages Vowels. It was in order to break the news WABetaInfo Who confirmed, on Twitter, that the novelty is still under development. But he also added that it should come with a future app update for both Iphone Both are for smartphones Male in appearance. This indiscretion is not official, but WABetaInfo has anticipated a lot and willingly “surprises” WhatsApp correctly.

WhatsApp, another news: How voice messages are changing

WhatsApp developers will be working on a new feature to save users’ time spent listening Long Messages Vowels. As it already happens in its competing app, Telegram, the idea would be to add a button for Twice the speed of sound playback, So you can hear it in half the time.

Researchers The WhatsApp She would have chosen this trick for a simple reason: Voice messages are fine for those who send them, but often inconvenient for those who have to listen, especially those that take several minutes. Therefore, the acceleration of their reproduction satisfies the need for Spending Receive Audio notes.

WhatsApp, when voice messages arrive at twice the speed

WABetaInfo, when presenting news related to audio related news, added that at the moment there will be no function screens because it has not yet been installed even in Versions Preliminary From the application. In essence, it will be one indiscretion unofficial. Times, therefore, Not yet known.

From a development point of view, however, once the decision is made officially, it won’t take long to write the code to support modernity. With regard to performance, however, the premise is that he can remember it from cableA small button with the words “”2xWhich, if activated, doubles the playback speed of the audio message. By deactivating it, you can return to the original speed at any time.

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WhatsApp Terms of Service and Privacy: When the deadline for admission expires

Meanwhile, the date that users will have to accept Terms of service New to WhatsApp to continue using the messaging app. The date was initially set for February 8th, but has since been postponed to May 15.

In recent months, the company has tried to communicate as transparently as possible about changes that will affect the app. The same Developers I reassured users time and time again about the use of their data and conversations.

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