WhatsApp and the smart trick to hide the word “writing” and preserve privacy

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular app for quick communication with friends, family or co-workers.

There are many tricks that you can use with WhatsApp to not let contacts see what you’re doing or what you’re doing To see if someone is lying to us. It is also possible to create a secret chat that protects privacy.


Even if the alert to users of this app is recent Because the phone number may be at risk.

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world

Now many people know WhatsApp which can be considered as the most used instant messaging application in the world. It is used mostly for sending text messages, but the fashion for voice and sending pictures and other multimedia files has also spread rapidly. The functions are similar to chats that were used until recently for the computer, such as Messenger and Skype. To name two of the most popular instant messaging programs.

Using WhatsApp is very simple. You must identify yourself with your phone number and then write to the contacts in the phone book, just send a message and chat with him. In this case, the other person must have also installed the app on their smartphone.

Trick to hide “writing” and maintain privacy

However, WhatsApp has another function that may interest many users. The ability to hide the word “writing” when writing a message to one of the contacts. In fact, the app actually gives you the option to disable this feature. The “trick” is valid for mobile phones or smartphones running the Android operating system and iOS.

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There are two ways to hide the “writes” message. The first is to disable wifi or data and then reply to the message. This way, the person receiving the answer will not be able to know and understand whether you are writing or not. This is a legal hoax and ensures that if you download a third-party app, your account will be protected. However, it is essential that these apps do not have the permissions to sync with WhatsApp or the permission to access the photos on the smartphone.

Another trick to not show writing and at the same time offline is to use quick reply via notification. This method can also be used with a locked phone. For Android phones, when a message arrives, tap to reply Inside the notification, type the message and press Enter. This way, not only will the message “Writing” appear, the sender will not be online and no confirmation that the message has been read will be sent.

With iOS mobile phones, the procedure is similar: when the message arrives, open the notification, and press ExhibitionWrite and submit your response. Again, writing will not be displayed and the sender will be offline.

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