WhatsApp and the reaction to messages, what is changing: good news for users

WhatsApp never stops working on improving the messaging app: here’s what cooking, messages and reactions are all about

Willing to come up with another novelty in the world of WhatsApp, regarding a function that is currently in development, in the testing phase, and which users may really like.

Reaction to messages, whatsapp news – information of the day

The developers’ work aims to improve the user experience for everyone who uses them every day Instant messaging applicationFixed and interested in different aspects and fields.

In this specific case, perhaps it is not related to graphical aspects, groups, communities or other, but a novelty in the making that could be very useful in everyday life.

In fact, it is about possibility set a reaction, “react”, to messages, just do Double tap with your finger. Kind of like what happens on Instagram boards.

Currently, in fact, it is necessary to make a long tap on the message and then point to the emoji that satisfies most people, which can then be seen by others.

WABetaInfo He explained that the developer group is working on the application and has taken care to release the update to version for iOS users who are registered in test flight.

WhatsApp news, double tap the reaction to the messages

It’s a bit of a big surprise that the development team is working on it WhatsApp , Although it should be noted that, for now, it is a component that is still under development.

WhatsApp, double click on the news, watch out for messages

Users are more attentive to the dynamics WhatsApp , In fact, they will already know that when we talk about functions under development and testing, we are referring to items that, with their inherent distribution to the general public, may take a long time to reach the final version.

Just as we cannot rule out the possibility that it will never arrive. Currently, the action is associated with excellent, automatically. There is no way to replace emojis and it is not known if there is any in the future.

This is from the reaction with double click It certainly isn’t a revolution, but it is a welcome surprise should it arrive.

First of all, it is a slight improvement that is always welcomed by users of the application, but it is also a detail that can be useful in everyday chatting, perhaps if you are in a hurry, for example.

The application is always subject to work, updates and improvements, an aspect that explains, at least in part, its great popularity and wide use all over the world.

In this respect, it remains within range Whatsapp newsHere are two more interesting ones to explore: This is the redesigned menu, but also watch out for the animated emoji.

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