WhatsApp and Secret Menu: How to login and how it works

More than one secret list on What’s Up, it is a shortcut that allows you to connect to a series of basic functions typical of an application. It is present on both Android and iOS, although there are slight changes between one operating system and the other, but we are already used to it with most of the applications available for both phones.

How to activate Whatsapp secret list

To activate this shortcut, hold down for a few moments WhatsApp icon on your smartphone. A window and several quick options appear within it.

By holding down the icon in iOS, several functions appear:

  • Content search
  • start a conversation
  • Scan the QR code
  • Change the screen to the home page
  • Option to share the app
  • remove the app

For Android operating systems

The menu offers fewer options. What appears mainly is the list of recent contacts the user spoke to.

Otherwise, you can access the smartphone camera to take videos or photos to send to a contact.

There is a second menu placed horizontally. A button to share your WhatsApp data, a button to quickly access the application information and another to delete it.

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