WhatsApp, a secret menu has been discovered: how to access

A secret menu has been discovered on WhatsApp that gives access to new functionality of the platform. Let’s see in detail what it is.

The WhatsApp It is one of the most used messaging platforms in the world. In fact, billions of users use it daily to communicate with each other. It is an application that is of fundamental importance now also in our practical life.

whatsapp secret list

So much so that just downloading the platform, It is now able to send many companies into crisis. One of the reasons for its success is definitely the dedication that the developers make constantly to update it. Remember too It is convenient to install WhatsApp on many devices.

WhatsApp, how to access the secret menu

Anyone who has used WhatsApp since its inception, Deep down you know how much I’ve changed. On the other hand, technology is evolving and so are the needs of the users. Moreover, this month the app has been updated again, making it faster and smoother to use even more. And now, some computer enthusiast, It looks like they found a real shortcut inside the app.

Yes really Find a job Which allows you to instantly access WhatsApp from your smartphone. How is it activated? First you need to hold down the platform icon button for a long time. same process Which we usually run on the phone when we want to delete an app.

WhatsApp, how does the new menu work for Android and iPhone

At this point, users will discover it with great surprise Which will open a small menu. Those who use Android will see two things pop up at that point. List of contacts you have interacted with on the platform In the past few hours and another button. The latter allows you to quickly access the camera of the smartphone.

If you are using an iPhone instead, The mechanism will be different. In this case, in fact, the available jobs that are in this secret list increase. In fact, it will be possible to access it quickly To the application’s QR code, to the device’s camera, to the new chats. Finally, it will also be possible to search for something specific in the various recent conversations.

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