WhatsApp, a scam affecting users: be careful when downloading this version

There is a new and dangerous WhatsApp scam that is already terrorizing users. Here’s what to do to protect yourself.

WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications. It is present in almost all mobile phones because, thanks to its versatility and ease of use, it allows you to stay in touch with your friends and acquaintances. Having cute stickers, gifs and emojis Makes it more fun to use. The fact that it is completely free, at least in the basic version, also allows the youngest to use it.

However, in recent years, with its prevalence, There has also been an increase in scams. The main goal is to obtain the victim’s personal data. All it takes is one click to post privacy important information. Recently, A new one is circulating in the name of WhatsApp Pinkis already responsible for a great inconvenience.

Panic among WhatsApp users: a new dangerous scam

When using WhatsApp, it is a habit to click on media sent by friends. Part of the fun, in fact, is precisely viewing photos and videos. You can submit links to web pages or embed Youtube videos. All this, because it is now part of the daily routine, It tends to reduce users’ attention.

Before opening an unknown link, you need to be very careful because the consequences can be serious. WhatsApp Pink is proof of that. This is a new scam that promises to update the app to a newer and hotter version. One’s curiosity to change the way people communicate, especially the younger ones, may push them to fall into this trap. Usually, the message comes from a contact on your list. This can help clear any alarm bells.

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Whatsapp malware
Protect yourself from WhatsApp Pink scam –

In reality, The user who sent the text is completely unaware of it. It is an automatic mechanism caused by malware on your phone. Once you download the app, in addition to your data being “handed over” to the wrong hands, it will become part of the chain and similar messages will also be sent from your phone.

It is an established process and is well known by law enforcement. The only way to protect yourself is Don’t be tempted and notify the people involved immediately. If this version of WhatsApp is already on your phone, then you should proceed to uninstall it immediately. It is also advised to change the passwords of your accounts and reset the device if possible.

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