Whatsapp, a new feature is under development: important changes are coming

Whatsapp returns to status updates: here’s a preview of the new green social feature.

Whatsapp construction site never sleeps. The news arrives on the green social network starting from the experimental channel. This time they have been identified in the recently released build for iOS under the TestFlight Beta Program. what is he talking about? Let’s find out together.

WhatsApp continues to renew itself to improve the service offered to its users – AnsaFoto (

For now, the option is only accessible to some beta users It could be part of a limited number testing for a future release. But it is not yet known when and whether it will be released to all users, and the tests at the moment concern only the iOS version …

What is boiling in a pot Whatsapp

In this case, Whatsapp is a minor, but still significant change, which consists in The ability to report status updates that violate our Terms of Service. like? Filtered rumors so far speaks to an unprecedented list of reports.

The new function will allow you to not only report users who post inappropriate or offensive content in their stories, but also to prevent them from being viewed using the “Mute” button. The process will be very simple and maybe touch the three dots on the top right And choose the “Notify” option from the menu. At this point, a screen will open where you can confirm the report and choose to completely block or delete the offending contact.

New whatsapp development news reports status updates
Preparations are under way at the Whatsapp build site for a new feature – AnsaFoto (

it’s easy Find out if the function is already enabled for our WhatsApp account: We open the status update and view its options. If we see one called “Report”, it means that the function is available for our account.

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Reporting status updates plays an important role in keeping the platform safe and secure for all users, and it’s worth noting that it’s not unique: other instant messaging apps offer similar reporting features. Also, an introduction This feature maintains end-to-end encryption integrityensuring that messages, media, location sharing, calls, and status updates are protected on all devices.

but Whatsapp is also working on other innovations, some of which are particularly relevant. They range from the ability to edit messages that have already been sent, to the ability to share photos in “almost” original quality. These are in-development functions long awaited by a large community of users who have relied on the extremely popular messaging service for years, and which should finally be translated into reality soon.

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