Whatsapp, a new feature arrives: Fond users

Whatsapp is ready to introduce a new post in light of May and users are already crazy about it: What

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The WhatsApp It is the most used messaging app in the world, although it has trouble due to the issue of changing terms of service and privacy.

The developers, who have reassured users again and again, are now ready to give them a new job in light of May, when the changes we just mentioned are official.

The feature will be called “Real later” It will allow The WhatsApp Yes I report chats you haven’t responded to (even if you’ve read them) and it will remind you to respond. Users are really crazy about it just by thinking about it, especially those who get busy with thousands of different conversations every day.

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Whatsapp, what will change from May 15th

WhatsApp how to send messages

After the start of the year storm, The WhatsApp Decides to postpone changes to Terms of Service until May 15th. The decision, made to help users understand its meaning, is confirmed with the arrival of the Trial version for every Male in appearance. In this, the developers have also explained what will change.

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The WhatsApp Specifies that it cannot read or listen to users’ personal conversations because End-to-end encryption And this, as they say, will never change.
Moreover, no information will be used for prevention purposes or to create targeted ads on The social networking site Facebook.

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Chats with cloud service providers will be marked with a specific icon. This way the user can always know if he is talking to someone, in order to interrupt the communication if he wants. The WhatsApp It also specifies not to be held responsible for actions taken by companies with chat content.

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