What’s going on with ETA: why Draghi accepted Sertares, Meloni and Salvini’s ‘Bardon’ proposal

The twist on me ETA Airlines Servants. The Ministry of Economy and Finance announced the exclusive negotiation to sell the company that collected the inheritance Alitalia It will be launched with the consortium that sees the US Fund at the fore Certaristogether with Air France – Klm And the Delta Airlines as business partners. reject proposal MSC Cruises And the Lufthansa Which seemed to be the president’s favorite Altavilla. If the buyers now respond to the ministry’s requests, a “binding deed” will be signed to sell the company. Thus removing the topic from the agenda of the next executive. Given that if you reach the initial sale to resolve it, you will have to pay the fines. A decision that was received coldly Italy brothers And the league. But now they will have no room to maneuver.

Once here it was all (electoral) campaign.

The Ita Airways story has already appeared on the campaign trail. Fdi . leader Georgia Meloni I tried to stop the Dragon On sale saying that Government He should not have continued negotiations with the “Germans” (even if Lufthansa He wouldn’t have gotten a majority on the show with MSC). The Prime Minister responded perfectly by agreeing to Certaris. American fund. But the appetite for politics over twenty years in ETA can still be satiated. Both consortiums rated ETA Airways just below billion euros.

The main difference is that the consortium Certares-Delta-Air France-Klm She said she is interested in him 55% from the previous Alitalia worth 600 million euros. While Master Lufthansa Aiming to detect80% (The 60% to me Master’s and the 20% to me Lufthansa) for 850 million euros. In the first case treasure You will keep a share of 45%in the second case only from 20%. In addition, the offer signed by Certares will give condition Italian two members directors group Of the five, they have broad veto powers over industrial and strategic choices and the possibility of appointing a president.

final sale deed

At the conclusion of the exclusive negotiations, then select What?binding agreements will only be signed in the presence of content that is completely satisfactory to the general contributors. Republic Today, he explains, there are two possible scenarios. The first is the signing of the preliminary agreement with sanctions The new government will have to pay to take it away. The second is the memorandum of understanding. By signing two acts like Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) and here Shareholders Agreement. Contracts restricted by the green light for anti-monopoly bodies and the Audit Bureau. From there it is almost impossible to return.

From an industrial point of view, the US Fund will give a central role to Rome Fiumicinoas a third main center From mainland Europe, along with Amsterdam and Paris. Gateway to the promotion of North American roads and those who have Latin America and Africa. Later, Air France-KLM can enter with 9.9% And Delta Airlines with 5%. In addition to having a president, the government can also express its satisfaction with the chief executive. and ban with Five-fifths of the board of directors Every decision matters. A capital increase is also expected – strong oxygen injection – which will be from 650 million From the closet and by 600 from Certares. In the end, the value of the Italian company will reach 1950 million.

How did Salvini and Meloni take it?

The leader of the Brotherhood of Italy Meloni criticizes the method and asserts that it is not the right of this government to decide: “Only when I know will I be able to pronounce myself,” she says with less harsh words than in the past. Salvini Only the Minister of Development speaks Giancarlo Giorgetti say it with Certaris “The future of the company is not guaranteed” because no industrial partner is expected. but background about printing He tells us that in the end there is no strong opposition to the choice of Draghi. Because the new government, when it takes power, will have many files to deal with. Certares’ solution still ensures that you can sit around a table and handle a good balance of power. And that’s why the facade’s “coolness” – and from the election campaign – a Happy ending.

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