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Technological advances in surveillance systems and the knowledge of thieves to neutralize them go hand in hand. Now thieves have become experts in electronics. But they do not necessarily know all the catalogs of security systems. We recommend a list of surveillance systems that are most difficult for thieves and have peaceful dreams.

Electronic warning systems have made great strides in recent years. We can find in the catalogs of anti-tamper and anti-vandal systems, sensors have rupture protection. Even in the event of a power outage, they continue to work thanks to a self-powered battery system. In short, it is not easy to deactivate them.

Thieves need to be experts in electronics to disable existing security systems. But it is not difficult for these experts to put such systems on the table. Certainly for several hundred euros to combat theft.

First we’ll go find out together what are those tricks that thieves use to deactivate the alarm. Remember, they can save your home from theft.

Constantly shoot

Think about your own The alarm that goes off constantly. The siren goes off every 5 minutes, a deafening sound that frightens the neighbors and also alerts you, who receive the notification via the smartphone or through a phone call from the GSM dialer.

What do you think right away? In a malfunction, the alarm went off to TILT. We definitely annoy the neighbors, especially in an apartment building, and then turn it off.

This is a big mistake. In fact, you will be nothing more than inviting thieves into the house They are the ones who make it surprising on purpose.

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How will they do that? you wonder If there are external sensors, just stand in front of them to turn them on. Or if they are far away, they can use powerful flashlights to send a direct light onto the sensor.

During the day they can use mirrors to direct the beam of sunlight. If you have door sensors, percussion type, or magnetic contacts, they can emit strong jerks to start the siren.

There are not many options in these cases. You go home and stand guard or You are equipped with video surveillance cameras Placed at strategic points, preferably not visible. In this case you can Detecting the presence of a thief Understand that he is doing it on purpose.

Recommended anti-theft devices

We picked one List of anti-theft kits Which is completely reliable. They range from the most expensive one from SOMFY with dual siren (indoor and outdoor) and motion detector to the much cheaper BENTEL device, which is still considered a premium brand.

  • Somfy home alarm kit.
  • Yale Burgul dual frequency alarm.
  • D-LINK kit with alarm cameras.
  • BENTEL kit with classic console keyboard.

Remotes and codes

It would be trivial, but Do not reveal your port code From the alarm console and don’t leave the icons in plain sight, perhaps right next to the console itself.

Woman struggling with anti-theft law

Also pay attention to remote controls to activate and deactivate. Infrared transmission frequencies can be intercepted and decoded.

to me Internet controlled alarmsKnow that you are lending your side to any interventions. An open “back door” in the network is always a danger. If you want to control the home alarm from the Internet, do it with video surveillance cameras and not through the console, or with remote control cameras that connect to the Internet via home wifi.

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You can buy receivers online for a few tens of euros. They are dongles that connect to computer with USB socket and antenna that intercept signals even at distances of up to 30 metres. Because broadcasts contain a unique identifier for each monitored device and event, an attacker can determine when a window or door in a home has been opened by a resident and possibly use it to determine the whereabouts of the home’s occupants.

jamming attack

The jamming device is a small device with antennas that bombard the area Creating a magnetic field that disturbs the radio transmission.

It is used to deactivate the GPS of a satellite car alarm or make the GSM connections of the home alarm difficult for example.

In Italy, the use of such devices is prohibited It is punishable by Article 617 bis of the Penal Code, but it is not difficult to build. Many components use anti-jamming systems (for example, they use 2 or 4 redundant data transmission frequencies) but they are not always effective, especially if the attack is massive.

Better with wires than without

All wireless alarm systems use radio frequency signals sent between the sensors and the control unit.

Alert signals are distributed every time a window is opened, or a person passes regardless of whether the alert is enabled or not. However, when it is active, the system will trigger the alarm.

Systems have been known to fail to encrypt or authenticate signals sent from sensors to control panels, making it easier for anyone to intercept the data and decode and reproduce commands.

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It is clear that it is not so simple, it needs expert thieves, but we do not exclude the possibility of its occurrence even if dual frequency or quadruple frequency (433 and 868 MHz) systems are used.

bad weather

Bad weather can be an annoying factor for volumetric sensors. We mean heavy rain, hail, snow as well as fog. In these cases, the sensors don’t do their job well. While they are designed to work even in these conditions, they can still run into problems.

Thieves can take advantage of it Precisely because they know that in these cases they generate false alarms, so the owners have deactivated them, or they do not work at all.

black out

Power outages should not worry you because alarm systems have a buffer battery system that can ensure their operation. Yes, but for how long? You may not have checked the battery for years, it’s flat and doesn’t last very long and ran out of autonomy after an hour.

True, the advanced controllers also provide this mode by sending an alarm signal precisely in moments of blackout, but also in this case Thieves can exploit the weakness by constantly turning off the power.

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