What will change? Here are all the details

There is no place in technology for things that are outdated. In this direction goes Tim’s decision to turn off the 3G network. Here’s what will change.

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Those who know technology know that practically everything has a deadline. We often heard about Planned obsolescence. This is intended to actually set an expiration date for the subject course. In this case, the speech is slightly different because we are talking about the TIM network.

Technological transformations are moving very quickly. In the telecommunications sector we saw an entrance 5G network. Slowly, slowly we are witnessing this change. We also think about changing the frequency for digital ground. All the things you want to improve your user experience. The turning point 5G network Looks like it marked the end of the grid 3G.

Tim’s decision, and even before Vodafone, should come as no surprise. Of course, the decision is also about I got the mobile headed by Tim. The gradual shutdown of the 3G network will boost the performance of 4G and 5G networks. This is because all resources will be concentrated on the latter. Let’s see together what will change for customers.

Tim, 3G shutdown: This is what will change

Despite the advancement of technologies, many users still have to deal with Tim’s 3G network. As mentioned by the site, customers will be able to continue calling and sending text messages over the network 2G. Which will definitely bring the gods slowing down on navigation. The gradual closure will begin in April 2022.

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The same applies to those who have a 4G network but are not enabled for voice service on the network. You will be able to use the 2G network without any particular problems. While they will be able to browse safely with the 4G network. In one detail, it will not be possible to guarantee Navigating during a voice call (Times).

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The same fate also affects clients I got the mobile. Both managers advise customers to replace very old hardware. So to change them with those who support new technologies. This should not be a problem as there are also low priced products.

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