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What will be playing this weekend? Like every week, Saturday and Sunday come along to remind us that we can take a break and that time is relative. We don’t live in a black hole, however, and we have to be content with these two days that we dedicate ourselves to our favorite hobby, video games. Let’s see what we can happily play among the latest releases.

In the meantime, we recommend Everspace 2, a quality space role-playing game that combines action and storytelling in a winning formula. A really successful sequel that sci-fi fans shouldn’t miss.

If you’re into the colorful world type, then there’s Minecraft Legends for you, a real-time strategy spin-off from Minecraft, presented as suitable for all ages.

For risk seekers, we remind you that Vampire Survivors: Tides of the Foscari has been released, the second add-on content for Poncle’s excellent work, which adds several hours of gameplay. If you want to end up in the tunnel again, you know what to do.

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

Another must-try title is definitely Hunt the Night, which is an indie action-adventure of excellent workmanship and an original story.

Ex-fans can instead dwell on the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, which is a decent set, perhaps a little pricey. In short, there are many new titles to play and some of them are of excellent quality.

And you, what games are you going to spend the weekend with? Let us know in the comments below.

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