What we’ll be reading this year: Reading trends for 2021

What will be the reading trends for the new year? After checking last year’s ebook tastes and reading habits, Rakuten Kobo He assumed what trends would accompany readers during the year just beginning. As revealed by the Cobo Book Report, 2020 has brought back a major role for reading, especially digital reading. The epidemic is beginning to register A wave of new and existing readers, Along with the time allotted for reading what was recorded 41% increase on average.

The role of reading

Thus, reading assumed a tripartite role: it was, in fact, a tool for promoting individual and social well-being, educational support, and entertainment. Not surprisingly, e-books on hobbies and education (60%) and mindfulness (81%) have been massively successful compared to the same period in 2019. In 2021, some of the reading trends that emerged over the past year will be more successful.

The influence of TV series on book selection

Films and TV series accompany our evenings. Not only that, they have the power to influence our interests and our consumption. Example? over there The queen of chessThe Netflix mini-series, which became the most-watched series of all time on the streaming platform, helped generate thousands of new fans of the game, which led to a massive increase in sales of game-related boards and accessories and strategy books.

When it comes to reading trends related to TV series, another series on Netflix in recent weeks has piqued readers’ interest: Bridgerton. To inspire the adventures of Daphne and the Duke of Hastings has been the emotional saga of historical novels before Julia Quinn Which, after the series aired, climbed up to the Cobo e-book bestseller ranking at the moment.

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This shift from live streaming platforms to e-book sales will be evident in fiction books. Among the series expected in 2021, we find a large number of bestseller ticks that will lead to new reading trends for 2021.

“Platform”Which draws inspiration from the novelShadow scorpion” From King Stephen. It is an exciting epic story, a classic story first published in 1978 and set in the near future (present-day) as humanity is hit by an unprecedented global epidemic.

the Lord of the RingsAmazon Prime Video TV series based on novels JRR Tolkien. The author has succeeded in creating a world and an epic that has always fascinated and influenced readers and writers from all over the world.

CorporationTaken from a homonymized book series Isaac Asimov, Follows the efforts of a scientist named Harry Seldon. His invention, “Psychological History”, is a topic between mathematics and psychology capable of predicting the overall movements of the masses. Hence, it can actually predict the future of entire civilizations.

Thriller: “Great Expectations”

Over the years this kind of excitement has impressed all readers of the shoe. Due to the pandemic last year, many editions have been postponed, and for precisely this reason, Reading Trends for 2021 includes the release of highly-anticipated novels. Among these:

Night light From Ilaria Totti. It’s a rebirth and hope novel that tells the story of a special little girl and marks the return of beloved Commissioner Teresa Battaglia to the scene.

New thriller movie Robert Galbraith Aka JK Rowling, starring Cormoran Strike, in Feb.

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Last night in Manhattan” From Don WinslowIn which the lives of a private investigator, an over-ambitious politician, and a beautiful woman are intertwined over a murder. It’s just part of a bigger plan, a plot hatched by those who know they can do it all.

Contemporary great themes

According to reading trends in the new year, reading of popular non-fiction books will grow in relation to major contemporary topics. Readers are increasingly looking for information between the lines of the novels to fully understand the major issues that accompany life. Cobo has always taken an interest in these issues, because she believes it is important to give readers all the tools and clarity necessary for authors and topics that are essential in the contemporary era. From inclusiveness to political representation, climate change and beyond – Because a life that reads well is always a good life.

American storyFrom Francesco Costa, Which tells of how Americans, at the end of a year shocked by unimaginable events, chose the 46th President of the United States in one of the most disputed elections in history. Their victory stimulated the hopes of tens of millions of people, but the challenge they face is not simple. It will be interesting to see how they try to pull the United States out of the most sensitive moment in recent history.

American revivalWritten by Giovanna Pancheri; In this book, the personal stories of Giovanna Pancherry, a US correspondent for Sky TG24 since 2016, are intertwined with the accurate account of the disruptions the pandemic has caused to American society.

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Why am I no longer talking to whites about raceAt Reni Eddo-Lodge, An essential guide for anyone who wants to understand why ethnic issues determine the fate of nations and the societies that inhabit them, and what must be done to break the mechanism of inertia and oppression.

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