What we know about the compact SUV that won’t be called the Brenner

Jean-Philippe Imbrato, CEO of Alfa Romeo, is highlighting a later-announced best-seller for Biscione that will have a different name than the press rumors have filtered so far, the traditional engines, electric variant and style signed by new designer Alejandro Mesonero

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Perhaps we’ll have to give up completing a trio of evocative names with an Alpine background, but not the core of the model destined to become the next best seller announced for Alfa Romeo. In the family of Biscione SUVs, the third model that will join the Stelvio and Tonale won’t be called the Brennero, because we think of it naming strategywe have the name in mind, and it will be something very respectful of the history of the brand.” With these words, Jean-Philippe Imbrato, CEO of Alfa Romeo, shines the spotlight on a vehicle important to Stellantis’ strategy in the urban-size B-SUV segment, which will follow the plug-in hybrid variant From Tonale and restylings of Giulia and Stelvio, focusing on a much larger number of customers.

Poland mission

On 1 March, it was the turn of Carlos Tavares, the number one in the Stilants Group, to outline the strategic plan. Give Forward 2030Which is the date by which the company expects to launch 75 products globally. However, the most interest in Europe goes to a new family of cars due to be born at the Tychy plant in Poland and representative of the Stellantis selection to offer different types of conventional engines along with electric alternatives. Three models belong to this project with one of them already announced for the first time Urban Suv The Jeep brand to be launched in early 2023, followed shortly after by the Fiat model. The cornerstone is the adaptation of the existing modular CMP platform, also available in the e-CMP electric variant, ie with electric actuators. An entire generation of compact SUVs like the 2008 Peugeot, Opel Mokka or DS3 Crossback is already using it. Jean-Philippe Imbrato predicts that “the new model will likely be unveiled in March 2024”, implicitly assuring that the arrival of Urban Suv Alfa Romeo, identified by the press so far as Brenner, will be built over a longer period as well to allow it to carefully build its character. The style will be coordinated by Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos, from 2021 at the helm of Alfa Romeo design, thus only marginally involved in the Tonale project, but calling for his first interpretation of the brand. New scenarios are also on the front end of the engine with the possible evolution of the 136hp electric variant currently available for all models equipped with the e-Cmp platform. The road is also open for the use of the three-cylinder 155 hp 1.2 petrol engine and the 131 hp 1.5 hp four-cylinder diesel engine, both of which are already in the Peugeot 2008 range.

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