What to do to close a bank account and when it is appropriate with all these things you should always pay attention to

There are many families who have more than one active bank account, not only for convenience but also when needed. For example, parents may have a separate checking account because one of them may have recurring fees. Such as mortgage payments or a loan taken to change a car. And perhaps, alternatively, the other parent has another checking account at a bank or post office where the income is flowing because he is self-employed.

In this case, it is good to remember that checking accounts cost money compared to the past. For this reason, even to save more than 100 euros per year, unnecessary checking accounts must always be closed, and in any case not too busy.

So let’s see in detail how to close a checking account of a bank or post office and when this choice is really appropriate. Also, let’s see, if so, all the things to watch closely. In order to avoid that closing the account, to save money, actually leads to problems in managing one’s money. Or, in some cases, the bank may also refuse the request to close the checking account.

What to do to close a bank account and when it is appropriate with all these things you should always pay attention to

In detail, the procedure for closing a bank account or a postal current account is the same as the procedure for opening. That is, go to the bank or post office and sign the papers. In this case, it is not the opening forms, but those of the termination of the relationship.

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Moreover, regarding what to do to close a bank account, it is necessary to always go to the bank to hand over the previously issued card or ATM cards. Cards to be cut into two parts. The credit institution will also require the delivery of any credit card, if it was previously issued. And also, if previously obtained, all unused checks.

Here are two things to watch out for if you decide to go extinct

Moreover, when closing a checking account, you should always pay attention to two things. That is, the bank will refuse to close the relationship if the current account is in the red. That is, with a negative balance. Moreover, in the case of a joint account, this cannot be closed without signing the form extinction For all relationship holders.

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