What time do you usually fill up with petrol? If you respect this “rule”, you can save the entire amount

There is a rule regarding petrol cost and refueling time. If this is followed, the savings will be guaranteed.

Given today’s high fuel costs, many are looking for strategies to save money with their transportation. You only have to browse the web to be able to find all kinds of unimaginable scams. However, sometimes, you have to be careful because some of them are also written and may be illegal. We at are always looking for ways that are clearly regular and easily implemented.

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The important thing is to try to follow the advice we are going to give you to the letter. First of all, to be able to refuel, especially with a full tank, the best thing is to do it at a certain time. In this way, it will also be possible to save a lot, by making the final calculations. A habit that few know about but it is crucial to the monthly household economy.

Changing your refueling time may be something you are not used to. You also need to pay attention to what kind of weather you have on a particular day. It can be trusted, also because the full tank can be increased by one liter.

It was the QuiFinanza newspaper that spoke of it, well known to Italians and quite accredited, for the interest it offers to savers. The savings are guaranteed, both for the time factor, as most distributors apply larger discounts, and for the thermal factor, given the science that says that thanks to the principle of thermal expansion, there is a net saving. In fact, research indicates 3% less waste if the engine is cooler.

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A favorite moment for the most attentive motorists

Going into more detail about it, that can very well be said The benefits will be €1.50 more than the €50 refueling. In the short term it may be a small number, but going long term can be a decent trick to be able to get more efficiency even during a simple refueling gesture.

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Petrol schedule (

The time when the vending machines offer the biggest sales is at night, which is therefore the coldest. Obviously, at that time, in most cases, self-service refueling will be available, which is more economical compared to that of the gas station attendant himself. Small reserves are sufficient to be able to save many funds, it is better to try to do so, given the times of high inflation.

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