What Salt Bay was doing in the middle of Argentina’s party with the World Cup in hand

Among the world championship celebrations for Argentina sprouted the controversial presence of one person in particular, the multi-star chef Salt Bay who pulled off a feat forbidden to most.

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Argentina won the 2022 World Cup, and later ranked An unforgettable final at Lusail Stadium in Doha, with an exciting finale that ended in penalty kicks. Shots from 11 meters dedicated Messi and Scaloni’s team to climb the highest roof in the world after waiting more than 35 years since 1986. Albiceleste riot In all of Argentina as well as on the field, as soon as the awards ceremony was over that saw the cheers of the players, the entire national delegation, family and relatives. And some special guests, like Multi-star chef Salt Bae who managed to immortalize him with the cup.

Pictures that instantly went viral on social media and that also caused some discussion about the existence of Nusret Gokcethe real name of the famous businessman and restaurateur of Turkish origin, known simply as Salt Bae, who has become a symbol of the world in serving food with his restaurants Nasr et It is also evident that he is in and frequents Doha by many top sports personalities and football during the World Cup and beyond. Next, Salt Bae expertly relives the extraordinary day dedicated to Argentina, step by step restoring his very popular social profiles (nearly 50 million followers on Instagram) documenting everything between videos, stories and photos.

He can be seen watching the world final match in the restricted room reserved for VIPs, FIFA guests and the Emir, along with world football stars including Ronaldinho, Cafu, Figo, Materazzi, Del Piero, Totti. Hence his presence on the field, on the field, immediately after the awards ceremony, first jubilant with the fans, then with the families of the players and the entire Argentine delegation who are squealing with joy to celebrate the world title. Not only that: Salt Bay He has endeared himself to many Argentine footballers with the World Cupand also managed to hold it in his hands, anchoring it all – again – via social media.

But why did his presence become so viral and did he make the media discuss too? The reasons are different, but the most striking is this Salt Bay was immortalized with a cup in his hands It’s proof of how far FIFA’s protocols jump in those moments of irrepressible joy. The original cup, the same that is lifted by the winning team immediately after the final success, in fact it is a trophy that has not been finally handed over, but the regulations require that it remain on the FIFA bulletin boards and that only a replica is awarded to the winning team. . Moreover, very few people can touch and reach the cup and Salt Bae should not be among them.

However, the famous Turkish restaurateur was quietly present on the field and time and again managed to immortalize him with the Wonderland Cup. Also because the main customers of his multi-star restaurants have always been athletes and during the World Cup named W His presence in Doha was already high in the non-football records of the World Cup. It has caused discussion of the presence of several Brazilian players, along with several former green and gold legends including Ronaldo, in Norse-It during the tournament, as has already happened to Spain. With Argentina in particular, Salt Bae entered into a special agreement.

Indeed, in the hours leading up to the World Final, the Turkish tycoon He had entered into an agreement with the president of the Argentine Football Association, Claudio Tapia: If the Scaloni team had lifted the cup, the entire delegation of the champion would have been guests of his club. In a video shared on TikTok, the chef captured it all again: “If Argentina are champions, the whole team will come here. If they win, you will be my guests. It’s all for free.”In front of a handful of fans, he promised to record his words on video.

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