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What Mario Cristobal had to say about Oregon facing USC in the Buck 12 tournament game, Auburn Rumors

Eugene – Oregon (3-2) will face USC No. 13 (5-0) in Friday’s Pac-12 Championship match (5 PM, FOX).

Mario Cristobal held his Game Week press conference tonight.

Here are initial live updates from the Cristobal press conference.

Mario Cristobal

“There is clearly a lot of excitement around the opportunity, and at the same time thoughts and prayers go out to those who live in Seattle because this is a difficult situation and definitely something we hope to see them work through and come out healthy on the other side.”

About the Pac-12 season integrations given how far this week and this week have progressed:

“I think the assessment of everyone involved is that you want to settle everything on the pitch. We were scheduled to host the Northern League crown on Saturday at our stadium and our opponent had to cancel, so we didn’t get that opportunity either. Then suddenly we got a surprising change today,” We got a different kind of opportunity. I don’t know if you can use the word “safety” because it relates to all of these things. I think everyone is trying to figure that out. All you wish is for everyone to have a chance to do it on the field, and it’s tough because you don’t know How it will affect you from week to week. You don’t know how it will affect different teams from the start of the year until now. We played this year’s matches in the 1950s in terms of scholarships available, but this is what we will do because it provides the best chance for achieving integrity. I think that Everyone is working on it. I think they have found the best solution they can come up with and we will be ready to play. “

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When competitors’ preparations change, match dates:

“We’re working on two different scripts. We use one day all to smash Colorado, the other day to smash USC. Then we would think, well, just in case we were going to go into today’s tour thinking we’re playing, at least we’re supposed to play on Saturday. If something happened.” What and there was some kind of news sometime today on Monday, we can totally flip it over and go straight to some sort of workout on Tuesday on Monday and that’s what we do. Is it as deep and thorough as you’d like on a regular week? About to get ready. It’s getting close. You’ve invested. It’s all yours and it’s going to be all night that you have to get off and you have to.

“Players, they go home, get something to eat, get a rest, and give us time to prepare for that second practice, because that in itself, a huge task. I felt like some great flashbacks about drawing cards like GA on the day at 97. I was. I think that’s amazing. “

About the Auburn rumors:

“It seems like we’re getting a lot of rumors at this time of year. That’s what I can say, I can say I haven’t been contacted, well. I don’t know how to contact my agent and I talk to him every day. I trust Phil Knight. I trust Rob Mullins I trust our management and I trust the people here in Oregon.

“You guys know, we were working on something when the pandemic first came out and things kind of stopped and things came back again. I’ve always been honest with each of you and I’ll keep doing it. Hopefully in the next couple of days there will be more things to talk about.” About it in relation to that. I hope that by itself has cleared you of exactly where things are with me. “

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What are the factors that go into decision making regarding job opportunities:

“I haven’t done that yet, at least not since I’ve been here so I couldn’t tell. I know we’ve got something pretty cool. We’ve got an incredible chapter and I think that when people speculate and they start spreading rumors a lot of times people try to take that and make it fit in.” Their story, which is trying to influence employment classes in Oregon, try to spin a story.As I said earlier, as I said now and as I will say tomorrow, I have been honest with you, and I’m still honest with you, things are being worked out and I have complete confidence in the management here. Things and I’m going to train here so that’s where it’s. “

– He says he believes both Oregon and USC lost two days preparing for the match

– WR Devon Williams is back; As well as LBS Noah Sewell and Drew Mattis

– TEs Cam McCormick is still being evaluated, Spencer Webb is doing well

– SLB Adrian Jackson “Has a good chance to play this week”

CB David Davis is unavailable

– CB Dontae Manning is optimistic about his return

– Says Oregon will be looking to change some signals due to some familiarity with the USC trainer with Donty Williams and Todd Orlando

You always want to compete for a championship at the end of the season. “She Wishes To Get Everyone Play” on Pac-12 North. “This is not fair to anyone.” But when the opportunity arises, everyone is excited and grateful.

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