What it is, how to play it, the rules of the new sport similar to tennis

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There is a sport picklewhich has already become very popular in the United States, but what exactly is it? It was invented in 1965 by a US CongressmanJoel Pritchard, and his friend, Bill Bell, is A.J A middle ground between tennis and padel. The initial purpose was to provide entertainment for children who were bored during the holidays. However, over the years, this new sport has become increasingly popular, Thanks to the pandemic, which doubled the number of players, reaching over 68 million members who are predominantly Generation Z (those born between 1997 and 2015). The goal now is to get at least 70 federations to enter the Olympics for all intents and purposes, a decidedly audacious undertaking.

Pickleball, what it is and the rules

Just like tennis and swing, also pickleball It is played with two rackets and a ball on a badminton court. It can be performed in both doubles and singles, as well as indoors and outdoors. The maximum score to be achieved can vary from 11 to 15 up to 21. The basic rule concerns the bounce of the ball which can only bounce once on each side and must remain in the field. Moreover, after a hit, the ball must end up in the playing area diagonally opposite the area where it was hit, only in this way will the opponent be able to strike back. In the event that the ball does not reach the correct area. Not being in the correct playing area could mean he either hits the net or ends up in the kitchen area. The “kitchen” is an area immediately behind the net where it is forbidden to catch the ball in flight.

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A system very similar to tennis, but differs in 3 basic aspects which are the ball, the racket and the court. The latter is divided by a net just over 80 cm high, 13.4 meters long and 5.6 meters wide for singles or 6.1 meters for doubles. A smaller field than the other two sports it takes inspiration from. also speculatorInevitably, They are smaller and flatterwith a rectangular shape, rather than the oval of tennis, while the short grip is reminiscent of a padel. The ball is the real feature of this game. If the size is the same as tennis and swing, the weight is not. It is very light, being made of plastic, so as to avoid falling victim to the wind, especially in the outdoor game that has holes on the roof.

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