What is the withdrawal limit?

For those receiving a citizenship pension, the legislation provides for a limit regarding cash withdrawals, but only in specific cases. Let’s see which one together.

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as specified by Decree-Law No. 4 of 2019then transferred under Law 26 of 2019, to the beneficiaries of Citizenship pension They have to respect a certain limit when it comes to cash withdrawals.

Let’s see together what the reference legislation established in this regard.

Citizenship pension 2022: how much can you withdraw?

Citizenship income card

there Budget Law 2021 Edited Delivery mode subordinate Citizenship pension Under which the contribution is paid to holders of other pensions provided by INPS with the latter, but only for the amount due. Therefore, the citizenship pension share is paid with the pension treatment It is not subject to any supervisionNeither with respect to qualifying fees nor the cash withdrawal limit.

However, the commitment created by Para 7As we talk about the limits of cash withdrawal for those who receive a citizenship pension On the RdC paper from Poste Italiane. The boundaries are divided as follows:

  • 100 EUR in the case of a single person;
  • 140 EUR for families with two adults;
  • 180 euro for families with three adults;
  • €210 for families with four adults;
  • 220 EUR For families of four adults, at least one of whom has a severe disability or is not self-sufficient.

Citizenship pension 2022: what is it?

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there Citizenship pension It is a procedure aimed exclusively at households consisting of one or more members aged 67 or over, Or if in the family unit there are also people under the age of 67 who are severely disabled or not self-sufficient.

The Economic requirements To access the citizenship pension:

  • the value Understood less than 9360.00 euros;
  • real estate assets less than €30.000.00 (excluding home);
  • movable assets (current account, securities, etc.) not to exceed EUR 6000.00 for single persons, increased by EUR 2000.00 for each family member after the first and integrated with another EUR 5,000.00 for children with disabilities and EUR 7,500 for the core made up of persons with severe disabilities or not self-sufficient people;
  • family income Less than €7560.00 for single people, it is raised to €9360.00 if the core is rented, and it’s all related to the equivalence scale, that is, the number of family members.

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