What is the value of 800 silver used? The answer shocks everyone

Shiny, resistant to most natural conditions, ductile and undoubtedly “beautiful: silver remains one of the precious metals that falls into the restricted category”nobles“which comes at least ideally, as a value, immediately after gold, with which it shares more than some properties. Compared to the latter, it is more solid and less malleable, but despite being very versatile in the economic field, it has found a life New in many other areas.Up to 800 silver, one of the “variants” of purity most used in manufacturing, and especially in silverware, is one of the most accepted commodities even today.

What is the value of 800 silver used? The answer shocks everyone

800 silver of its pure silver content, which is equivalent to 800 out of 1000, so the other 200 are generally represented by copper. This helps make the metal more manageable and workable. Silver 800 is mainly used for everyday objects made of this metal alloy, and is usually not used in jewelry (where silver is preferred Sterling poundthis is the kind with the greatest purity, equal to 92.5%, called with accuracy 925) but for making jewelry, tableware, candlesticks, ornaments and similar things.

Like any other form of objects made of precious metal, there are many imitations or just silver-plated objects, in which case they can be identified by crafting. ARG or Silver Plat. In these cases, the object is not made of it, and therefore has no economic value. Silver 800 shall carry this reported value within an oval, which is appropriately fixed by perforation.

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Being so common, this silver bullion is also “traded” on several levels. This is why ‘buying gold’ is usually also ‘buying silver’. The value of 800 silver is currently valued at about 43 euro cents per gram, equivalent to 430 euros per kilogram, a value that is increasing significantly compared to the past few weeks, as well as other precious metals, such asHe went.

Used 800 sterling silver 925

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