What is the maximum amount of cash withdrawal per month

Let’s find out how much cash we can withdraw every month from our checking account. All the limits that one must necessarily adhere to

Bank account
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the Bank account It undergoes many tests beforerevenue agencyEspecially when paying the money. Understanding its source is actually the main task of tax, which, however, cannot make many inquiries regarding Withdrawals made.

The difference is due to the fact that the first case falls within the scope of application of the law in Recycling, while the second has to deal with a simple one tax legislation. as a result , Let’s try to understand how much cash can be withdrawn each month from the checking account.

Current account: rules regarding cash withdrawal

First of all, it is good to outline the work done over the years Governments that occurred in relation to Limit cash payments. The last edit will start on January 1, 2022, it is expected that it will not be possible to spend more than 999.99 euros in cash To exchange between different topics.

However, this does not affect the cash withdrawal limit, which is in principle 10 thousand euros per month (it can always vary depending on the credit institution). If this limit is exceeded, the bank can (in fact should) ask the account holder for clarifications about the disproportionate moves.

But be careful, this is not a real block, which is why no block can be activated. Reporting the limit exceeded to your central department is a kind of practice to follow, which can lead to a warning toFinancial Intelligence Unit At this point we can talk about it Suspicious Transaction Reports.

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Only in very suspicious situations does the latter take the trouble to notify Prosecutor’s Office, who decides whether to open an investigation or not.

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In general, the direction we are going is increasingly determined non-cash. Promoting electronic money has now become a primary goal. For this, the Cashback (already destroyed), tax credit and receipt lottery.

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